Getting A Better Butt

Glutes + Butt + Better Butt
Getting A Better Butt

Everyone wants to look good in a pair of pants or shorts or a swimsuit if the weather permits or simply getting a better butt. How do we achieve those buns of steel? It’s not miracle work, but hard work and dedication. All of us at understand that looking good is quintessential to feeling good. Let’s check out some tips and tricks for getting that rear in gear.

Important Leg Exercises For A Better Butt

Leg exercises are just as important as ones that specifically target the glutes. In a gym setting, I recommend several important workouts for sculpting the rear.


1.) The Leg Extension

It’s a simple enough exercise, and every gym has the machine; select the desired weight and with all workouts, DO NOT ego lift, start at a comfortable weight. Once you are sitting, extend your legs, hold them momentarily, and slowly bring them down. That’s all there is to it; properly training your legs is critical if you want a nice-looking butt.

Leg extension
Leg Extension

2.) Leg Retraction or Curls

Like the leg extension, only this time your legs will be on the other side of the leg pad. You’ll be bringing your legs in, just as the name says. Hold your legs at full retraction for a moment, then release. Continue for your desired reps and sets.

Leg Curl
Leg Curl

3.) Squats

When you Google squats, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the variety available to you, but don’t fear; we’re here to help narrow it down a little. I would recommend either the Split squat, Bulgarian split squat, or the Jumping squat for beginners. These three provide excellent results while having the lowest risk for injury due to form. As you advance in experience, I suggest moving to weighted squats such as the Barbell squat, Landmine squat, or a Weighted Bulgarian squat.

Squats + Better Butt

4.) Donkey Kicks

This exercise can be done at home and requires no weight; however, some gyms come equipped with machines that allow weighted variants. The workout begins by placing your hands and knees on the floor. Then, starting with either leg you choose, lift your leg behind you as high as possible. Hold the leg in the air for a moment, then bring it back down to the starting position. Repeat for your desired reps and sets, then do the same routine with your other leg.

Donkey Kick
Donkey Kick

5.) Glute Drive/ Bridge


While not precisely a leg exercise, it is an important one for glutes. You can do this workout within the home, but gyms provide weights that can enhance the routine and sometimes offer machines. We begin by laying flat on our back and bringing our feet close to our glutes until they are flat on the ground. Now the awkward part, we start thrusting our pelvis directly up in the air, hold for a moment, then bring our backs flat. Placing a weight on our laps can increase the difficulty.

Better Butt
Glute Bridge

In a future article, we will cover the movements and more advanced routines for those wanting to take it to the next level.

Wear The Right Clothes For Better A Butt


A trick for an immediate boost to your butt is wearing form-fitting clothes. There are numerous lines of “shapewear” specifically designed to lift, boost, and enhance the shape of your behind. Particular yoga pants, spandex, and other leggings offer inserts or padding to give a little extra cushion back there.


In the end, we all care about our rear end. I recommend exercising to attain that more natural look coupled with the apparent health benefits. Whether you take the fast short-term solution of shapewear, the permanent implants, or the slower but more rewarding workout path, it’s up to you.

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