The Best Diet For Losing Weight, For You

We all want that “get skinny quick” diet, you know, the one that’s going to give you washboard abs, a skinny waist, and a firm rear. What about the magic pills you always see on YouTube ads? “This secret that we recently discovered, and we put it in a capsule.” The truth is there is no secret diet, and there is no magic pill. No one likes to diet; it’s awful, and who would want to restrict themselves from tasty foods? But I’ve got great news; it doesn’t have to be as bad as you think, and the team here at has some tips to get you to where you want to be.

1.) Eat foods you like when setting your diet

The reason people put weight back on after the diet because they go back to their regular eating habits, pizza, ice cream, and other less healthy options. Find foods that can be “mostly healthy” and exercise moderation in your portion size. If you eat “healthy-ish” foods and enjoy them, then they are not diet foods, and it’s something that you’ll stick with over a more extended period.

2.) Plan your meals and snacks

A lot of people get into poor eating habits from a lack of options. Once you become hungry, it is a lot easier to make poor food choices. Make a menu of healthy meals ahead of time, so when it comes time to eat, you don’t have to struggle with the age-old problem of “I don’t know what to eat”. If you can meal prep, even better, but simply looking at options to cook helps tons. If you need help with recipes, check out our Food Recipes and Snacks

3.) Eat!

Do NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF! It is the worst thing you can for your body and your diet. Beyond the health implications that skipping meals and starving yourself may bring, the result of your diet is negatively impactful—the road to starvation to bring about a caloric deficit dead ends into the cul-de-sac of binge eating. There are many negative short-term, and even long-term effects of following a starvation diet, according to Livestrong, and they are all valid reasons for resisting the urge to skip meals or snacks.

4.) Set a realistic goal

Everyone wants a skinny waist, visible abs, and to look like an Instagram model. The truth is, those individuals either have the genetic predisposition or put in an amount of work most of us do not find feasible to accomplish due to life getting in the way. Start small, and gradually increase the amount you want to lose. Trust me, attaining your weight goals becomes addicting when you know that you can reach them. Setting the bar too high at the beginning can be discouraging and may result in you not sticking with it.

5.) Put the cookie down!

I am not saying eliminate all sugar from your diet; on the contrary, you should have some. That does not mean the whole bag of cookies or drink three energy drinks a day, but if you want that treat now and then, go for it. I will say that the fastest I lost weight was when I cut sugary drinks out of my routine; I was a heavy consumer of soda, and when I stopped, approximately 20 pounds melted off within weeks.

The key to dieting is finding a balance between healthy and happy; if you’re unhappy while dieting, you will not stick with it. Conversely, being satisfied with what you eat and seeing the results may turn that diet into a more permanent routine in your life.


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