The power of positive affirmations — I know, it sounds like a gimmick. But, hear me out, because sometimes these positive affirmations work. The reasons and psychology behind why these affirmations work isn’t a bunch of mumbo jumbo, either, and it can be explained relatively easily. In fact, the reasons behind why they can actually work may have you thinking twice about skipping out on them. Don’t believe us? Here’s why positive affirmations actually add value to your daily routine.

Getting into the right headspace with positive affirmations

Spending a few minutes to get into a positive headspace in itself can change our mood and help us to regain focus on the tasks ahead. Carving out just a few minutes of your day to make a mental checklist of tasks, goals, and a path to dominating what is on your plate for the day sounds pretty reasonable — just telling yourself what tasks you’re going to accomplish in a day is the start of following positive affirmations. According to Positive Psychology, there is quite a bit of science behind using positive affirmations, too.

Giving yourself gentle reminders

Positive affirmations don’t have to be about goals and tasks, they can be gentle reminders of things that you may need to get through the week mentally and emotionally. For example, an affirmation can be reminding yourself that it’s okay to take short breaks, gently noting that you’re efforts are enough or that they will be rewarded — whatever you need to stay in a positive headspace. Positive affirmations can be gentle reminders for:

  • Self-worth
  • Valuing your use of time, whether it is to be productive or for relaxing
  • Mental health
  • Goals
  • Encouragement to overcome obstacles
  • Hyping yourself up
Monday morning affirmations
Monday morning affirmations | Gabrielle R DeSantis

Positive affirmations can come in any form you need

While you can find many affirmations online, they are still an incredibly personal experience. You may find some that resonate with you, and you may find some that don’t, but what’s important is that you go through this process in a way that brings meaning to your personal life. Some people find value in saying their positive affirmations out loud, sometimes in a mirror or just into the open air. Others find value in writing their affirmations down in a notebook, diary, or in their planner. For me personally, I chose one affirmation each day and write it at the top of my task list for the day, so whenever I look at my schedule I have a gentle reminder of the positive affirmation that I selected for that day.


If you’re skeptical about affirmations, take comfort in knowing that really, you don’t have much to lose by trying this out for a week. You can practice positive affirmations in just a few minutes a day, even while just drinking your morning coffee. You may find that you already do this to some extent throughout your daily routine, whether it’s giving yourself a pep talk before a major presentation or reaffirming to yourself that your goals are worth chasing.


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