I’m so guilty of scrolling through Facebook late at night and falling victim to those lists “X best beauty products on Amazon” and, if I’m tired enough, I might just click that pesky “Buy it Now” button and forget about it until the morning.

Truthfully, this had led me to make some odd purchases, but it has also helped me pick apart which products work, and which ones are just gimmicks. Let’s skip all the bad stuff for now: these are the Amazon beauty, skincare, and hair care products I paid money to try so you don’t have to.

And, let’s be honest, I went for the cheaper version of most of these to save money, so, here it goes.

This blackhead vacuum for your pores

If you’re on TikTok chances are you’ve seen videos from the inside of these, and unless you have really oily skin with a lot of zits and blackheads, it isn’t quite as dramatic. I went with a mid-range version that costs less than $30, and I use mine about once a week. There are some that come with multiple heads that claim to exfoliate and all that nonsense, but honestly, those were pretty useless.

I use this little skin vacuum for more than just blackheads, too, it’s also great for splinters, getting glass out of my foot (yea, that happens more than it should), and even sucking the venom out of bug bites.

I like this one specifically because it’s a great deal for the product, has a ton of positive reviews (if you don’t want to just take my word for it) and it comes with the little pokey tools for your face


This skin scraper exfoliates your face

If I had to choose one item off of this list to keep forever, this skin scraper would be it. I use this every day when I wash my face and it really does make my skin feel softer. Run it over your nose and it satisfyingly vibrates out all of the blackheads, and use it on the rest of your face for a gentle exfoliation that helps remove debris. I noticed the results within the first few days and literally have not stopped talking about it ever since.


The final product I tried was this somewhat terrifying split end trimmer

Seriously, if you know me, you know how protective I am of my hair. So the idea of putting any type of machine to my head that could leave me running to my hairstylist left me feeling a little uneasy — but, let’s be real, I had to try it.

I went with the mini even though I have long, thick hair because, well, it was cheaper. I didn’t regret it either, it was more than capable of tackling my rat’s nest and left my hair feeling softer and healthier between trims.

The instructions say you’re only supposed to use it once a month, which is a good thing because it’s a bit time-consuming, but it saves me time and money in between hair cuts and keeps my hair looking and feeling fresh and healthy.

This was by far the most expensive item I’ve purchased on a whim, but it has been well worth it and has saved me hundreds from having to go to the salon for small trims.



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