No gym, no problem!

It’s quarantine day: something or other… 

We are all feeling the effects of this pandemic and very much so we might be feeling it in places we don’t want (such as our waistline and thighs)

Being stuck at home can lead to multiple trips to the fridge and/or pantry resulting in over eating due to boredom. 

With the gyms closed and many parks closed off as well it can be hard to be motivated to workout. 

If you’re in an area that still allows walking or biking around in a park, do it! It’s a great way to get fresh air and burn a few calories. Be sure to keep 6 feet away from others though! 

A majority of people do not have gym equipment at home. So it makes it difficult to do what you used to in the gym. With many stores closing and services like Amazon Prime running slow, getting the resistance bands and small, light handweights that so many YouTubers have in their at-home workout videos can be impossible. That doesn’t mean our workout schedule is in the trash. 

bicycle workout

Let’s be resourceful to workout

So you have laundry detergent jugs? Perfect! You can use those as weights for some arm exercises. If that’s too much you can simply use something of the equivalent but lighter. Weighted squats? Use those detergent jugs again! 

We have so many random objects around our house that we can use. We just have to use our thinking skills. 

Look around you know while you read this – what is in the room that you can use? Will you look stupid trying to squat with a gallon of milk? Definitely. But unless you post videos of everything you do on TikTok, no one will really know.

home workout equipment

So let’s get back to this overeating issue

Put a little funny reminder note on the door or inside the fridge that says “You’re not really hungry, you’re bored.” Get creative. Write what ever will deter you from grabbing that unnecessary snack. If you absolutely cannot muster the strength to avoid snacking – and let’s be honest, we all fail at resisting snacks sometimes – try to pick something that has less sugar, or none at all, like our 30 day no-sugar challenge

Since you’re not in your daily routine, you are probably not drinking enough water either, and even worse, you might be reaching for some soda or an energy drink. While it’s alright to ‘treat’ yourself every now and then, drinking enough water is crucial to maintaining a healthy weight and keeping those extra pounds off.

We all need to have strong will power during this trying time.

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