Track Your Water Intake

While everyone may like to do this different ways (I prefer to keep mine on a sticky note on my desk or use an app) tracking your water is a great way to see how much water you are actually drinking during the day. While many apps require you to pay to see specific beverages (such as the estimated water content of smoothies and soft drinks), and don’t take into consideration the water content of the foods you eat, tracking your water is a visual reminder of how much water you are (or aren’t) drinking during the day. 


Use (reusable) Straws

If you haven’t noticed the phenomenon where you get more drunk drinking through a straw, you may not realize that you are more likely to consume more liquid (though in this case we are aiming for water) when you drink through a straw. Keeping a tumbler on my desk with a straw makes it a quick reach away to take a quick sip of my water, and I find myself reaching for my water more when I have to do just about nothing to get to it (not tops to unscrew, and I don’t even have to tilt the container)


Carry a reusable water bottle

It’s less intimating for some people (though this has never worked for me personally) to physically see how much water they need to drink during the day. Whether you stop into your local store to get an oversized jug, or just make marks on a water gallon from the store, some people really have success increasing their water intake by seeing all they have consumed, or the challenge of what they see is left. 


Set Multiple Goals Throughout the Day

It’s much harder to chug one gallon (or whatever your personal goal may be) all at once, not to mention that it isn’t really helpful. Setting small goals throughout the day can be very helpful in keeping on track without feeling overwhelmed by the amount you are setting out to drink. Keep in mind the times of day you realistically drink water, such as around breakfast or lunch time, and set your goals around the end of that meal. This not only helps us reach our goal by pacing ourself, but is less discouraging on days when we don’t quite meet that 1 gallon mark (which lets be honest, some days we just won’t, no matter how good we are about it)


Use Low Calories Flavor Additives

If you’re not a big fan of water or just can’t imagine drinking regular water all day, or know that you need that 3pm pick-me-up, try using a water additive such as Mio or Mio Energy, or any store brands of something equivalent. At just below a few dollars a container (and I go through about 1 – 2 a week depending), it’s not only easier for me to squeeze some liquid energy into my water instead of my afternoon coffee, it’s healthier and way less expensive). Sometimes this flavor boost is just what I need to get over the hump when I really just don’t feel like drinking any more water that day. 


Have a tip or trick for increasing and maintaining your daily water intake here that you’d like to share? Leave a comment down below!


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  1. I carry a water bottle with me everywhere and I love it. It took some getting used to but now it’s second nature. I also love having water in my car after I’ve run errands! Grocery shopping always feels like such a chore and I love having cold water after.

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