It happens to us all…the dreaded (or even sometimes very welcomed) treat in the company breakroom.


When you’re dieting, or really focusing on your nutrition, watching your coworkers walk past your desk with a slice of birthday cake seems like torture. I’m not a big sweets fan myself, but there is something about snacks in the breakroom that make them borderline irresistable.


But what can we do to avoid the breakroom binge and stay on track with our goals?


Keep a Stash of Healthy Snacks

It is so much easier for me to resist the diet-breaking cake-tastrophe if I have something healthy and enjoyable hidden in my desk – reserved for emergencies like this. When you’re carb depleted and bored, it can defintely feel like an emergency. Keeping small snacks (the Belvitta breakfast biscuits are my low-carb go-to) has helped my curb my cravings and leaves me feeling just as full and satisfied without the post-binge guilt.


Stay Out of the Breakroom

This one may seem obvious, but you’re the only person who can stop yourself from sneaking off into the breakroom Whether you’re looking for an excuse or not, avoiding the breakroom is key. Out of sight might not mean out of mind, but staring at the joy on your coworkers’ faces as they chomp down on some rum-balls definitly isn’t going to make the situation any better.


Coworker Accountability

We all have a favorite coworker who makes our day even just a little better when they stop by your desk. Chances are, that cake isn’t going to taste as good with the disapproving head shake of your favorite coworker looking down over your desk. If you find yourself eating cake in the bathroom as you hide from looks if disapproval, just ask your cowroker for a gentle reminder that the cake probably isn’t that good, and you’re already doing so great without it.


And, If All Else Fails

Remember that it is okay to let yourself have treats once in a while. If you absolutely need that slive of cake, cut a small slive and keep moving forward with the rest of your day. It’s okay, and you didn’t just totally blow your diet out of the water just because you had a little snack – even if in that moment of drama it may feel like you’ve thrown all of your cares to the wind. Don’t let one small treat cause you to spiral into the “well, I’ve already blown my diet” mindset that seems to quickly spiral out of control for most people. Adjust your calorie plan for the rest of the day and just keep moving forward.

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