While we all try to do our part by social distancing, many of us are feeling the pain of having our gyms shut down.

LA Fitness, Orange Theory or private gyms have all closed due to local and federal regulations on essential businesses and have left many gym-frequenters stuck trying to find alternative methods of exercise.

It sounds fine for most people to just hit the sidewalk and get in a good run, weight training and resistance training is still possible in your own living room.

Need some inspiration or some at-home workout routines?

These are our favorite Instagram accounts of at-home workout routines or exercise advice.

Victoria D’Ariano

Married to the famous body builder Regan Grimes, Victoria D’Ariano (well, her last name is legally Grimes now) is my absolute favorite person to follow on Instagram. Her genuine and sweet personality mixes with the fun and charismatic captions pair with great video tutorials and workout routines. Victoria not only shows routines, she also works with Regan to create some videos showing you how to properly use various gym equipment or different ways to use machines at the gym.



Katie Corio

Katie is a beautiful and influential social media page that offers a fun mixture of motivating posts, workout routines or short at-home workout tutorials. She has two popular Instagram pages and runs her newly launched clothing line, Corio Active, but my favorite is her original workout page that uses exercise balls, resistance bands and dumbells to create great workouts.



Cristina Capron

Cristina Capron is a absolutely stunning and posts new at-home exercise routines almost every day. Her routines are fresh and easy to follow, and her page has so much to offer that you could never get bored with your workout again. Along with the usual home-bound equipment like resistance bands and small weights, Cristina also offers plenty of workout tutorials that you can do if you have absolutely nothing for your makeshift home gym – and honestly with all of the stores closed and shipping times extended, it’s hard to find something even as simple as resistance bands.



Whether you are an avid gym-goer or home-workout enthusiast, these Instagram accounts are a great go-to for a new routine or some fitness motivation.

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