Looking to drop a few pounds? Now here’s a little challenge for everyone. It’s a little tough, but simple.

And one thing is for sure – you will see results FAST.

It’s the 30-Day No Sugar Challenge. 


Now, I’m not saying quit cold turkey, and let’s be real, everything these days has sugar in it. But they key here is to be mindful!

Read labels. Choose the items that have the smaller amount. I tried this challenge myself and saw significant results. I looked at the labels and would go for the ones that said 1g and occasionally would take on that said 2g of sugar in the item. Now, if it has more sugar than that, put it back on the shelf. Be strong. Look for substitutes for your usual bad-for-you snacks. Don’t just reach for the nearest healthy snack either, especially if you know that it will just sit their in the pantry mocking you. Taking this time to find snacks you actually enjoy eating is the key to making this challenge the beginning of a real lifestyle change instead of just a 30 day get skinny quick gimmick.


Cutting out sugar

We have already talked about the importance of water. Limiting other drinks and sticking to water or lightly flavored water is a huge way to cut out calories, and definitly cut out sugar. Sweet tea, soda and even Gatorade is stuffed full of liquidy goodness, and that sweetness comes from sugar. If you’re not a big fan of chugging down a gallon of plain water every day, additives like low-calorie Mio (especially the Mio Energy!) or fun tea flavors is a great way to keep your taste buds enterained without all of the unnecessary sugar.


no sugar challenge
My before and after results of trying the 30 day no sugar challenge! @kait_fichter on Instagram


Cutting out sugar seems impossible, but it’s only for 30 days to start. It goes by faster than this quarantine will, and while it is really tough at first, each day gets easier and easier. You will start seeing results, and not just on the scale. You will physically see the differences, and feel more energized too. Your skin will look healthier, your hair will feel softer and you will be surprised how much natural energy you have. You will also notice that a lot of your usual cravings for sugary things decreases the less you eat them, and at the end of this challenge you will find yourself reaching for that healthy snack instead of your usual potato chips.


Don’t believe me? Only one way to find out.


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