Drinking More Water

When people ask me what quick and easy things they can do to make to their every day lives healthier and feel better, there is always one easy answer: drink. more. water. Getting in the habit of drinking more water can be challenging but with our 20-day water challenge, you can start your way to a healthier lifestyle in no time.


Although to some that doesn’t seem very daunting, it can be pretty hard to build a habit of drinking a significant amount of water every day. For me, the hardest part is getting my body used to having so much water. AKA, I work a desk job and just switching from drinking a bottle a day to a gallon means frequent trips to the bathroom and the constant urge to pee. 


The easiest way to battle this, and to really master increasing your water intake without falling off the wagon, is to gradually increase the amount of water you drink over a period of time. 


So here you go, my 20-day water challenge to successful building a habit of drinking more water

The Water Challenge

water challenge 20 day increase your water intake

REMEMBER: These are some simple, easy values just to get you started. Setting lower goals allows you to ensure you accomplish each water goal daily without being overwhelming or discouraging.

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Tips and Tricks to Drinking More Water

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