Whether you spent the last parts of 2019 making plans and goals to be healthier or you are just turning your focus to new years resolutions, we find ourselves having to balance our ideas or constantly searching out for new ones.  Here are 10 resolutions to supercharge your new year.


There is no limit to the number of goals you can pick! Check out my idea list below on some great ways to start living a healthier life this year!


Your Resolution to Set up a better sleep schedule

A lot of us are very guilty of not maintaining a good sleep schedule. While it also helps us feel more energized, getting the right amount of sleep is important for repair your body – this is especially important if one of your 10 resolutions is to start working out more!

10 resolutions for the new year


Resolve to Run a 5k, or even a 10k! 

Running a 5k is a great goal to set because it is both attainable as well as something that you can improve on over and over again. Not to mention there are a plethora of 5k runs that support different charities and organizations, which means you get to run for a cause you care about!

10 resolutions to make =, new years resolution run running 5k 10k


Consume less sugar 

One of your 10 resolutions should definitely include eating less sugar or simply removing added sugars from your diet is a great way to cut empty calories!

new years resolution less sugar, 10 resolutions



Eat less processed foods

While not all processed foods are necessarily bad, it takes our focus away from making healthier meal choices. Eating less processed foods also typically means decreasing your sodium intake and added sugar intake.

10 new years resolutions, less processed foods


Drink more water

Drinking more water is an excellent goal to set, but can be hard to get used to and to maintain. When we drink more water, our body functions more effectively and helps regulate our metabolism.

new years resolution drink more water


Drink less soda and sweet drinks

Drinking less soda and other sugary drinks is another good way to decrease added sugar and unnecessary calories. If you’re guilty of reaching for that afternoon Coca Cola pick me up, spin the can around and check out the nutritional facts!

new years resolution drink less soda


Start a workout routine (or improve on your current one!)

Along with losing weight, starting a workout routine or learning how to improve on your own. Whether your goal is to workout a certain number of days a week or to workout for a certain amount of time every day, getting active is a great way to get healthy.

new years resolution start a workout routine


Eat breakfast

You always hear the old “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and while all meals are important, it’s very easy to get too busy and forget breakfast, or just be running too late. Having a healthy breakfast boosts our energy and prevents snacking later in the day.

new years resolution eat healthy breakfast


Learn new, healthy recipes

Finding health dishes you actually enjoy eating is important to making healthy eating a lifestyle change. When you enjoy what you are eating, you find yourself craving less junk food. The biggest mistake people make when they go on “quitting cold turkey” diets is that they don’t find the time to find new foods and recipes that they actually enjoy eating, so once they hit their target weight they are just as likely to start binging foods they enjoy and gain the weight back. Sound familiar? This is the idea of yo-yo dieting. Stop yo-yo dieting, find healthy foods and recipes you like and will continue to eat.

10 resolutions for healthy eating in the new year


Meal prep more, eat out less

Meal prepping is one way I ensure that I make healthier lunch or snacking options, as well as to make sure I take time out of the day to eat when I’m super busy. Whether you are meal prepping for lunch or breakfast (bonus points for both) it is a great escape from picking up some quick fast food or making unhealthy snacking choices when you’re bored at the office.

10 resolutions for your new year, new years resolution meal prep

Some additional lifestyle resolutions for the new year cal also be found at Inc.com.

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