While the keto diet has been around for quite some time, a newer keto version for 2021 has emerged; we call it Keto-Lite. The traditional form had followers getting into ketosis by eating mostly fat; we talking approximately 70% of their total diet. Eating such high quantities of fat lost weight by making their bodies burn fat instead of burning carbs for energy. Since many are calling their diets keto by only hitting a couple of the metrics for traditional keto. Typically, people consider any diet that has no sugar and low carbs a keto lite-style diet these days.

The keto-lite followers are normally after high levels of protein, decent or moderate levels of fat from sources such as avocados or almonds and nearly no sugar. A gluten-free shift in diet is also a beneficial route to take as the keto-lite diet indicates a low-carb routine.

What Is Ketosis?

Originally the keto diet was developed for individuals with specific medical conditions that limited or prevented them from being able to process carbohydrates; as a result, a high-fat diet was created. This was not meant as a means to lose weight for people without a medical condition.

However, as time went on, doctors noticed that the patients on the keto diet lost a tremendous amount of weight and applied it to people without pre-existing medical conditions, and it worked. The weight loss was due to ketosis, which happens to your body when it wants to maintain certain sugar levels. By cutting the sugar and carbs, which are the primary sources of obtaining energy, the body must adapt other fuel sources to maintain the desired levels. Since your body’s new fuel source is fat and muscle, you have entered ketosis, and it will continue to burn that fuel until you ingest more sugar or carbs, leaving that state.

Does Keto-Lite Induce Ketosis?

The simple answer is no. Keto-lite only borrows some of the traditional keto diet principles, and we exchange nearly all the carbs and sugars in your diet for healthy fats and protein. The weight loss is derived from the healthy fats that help keep you in that state of feeling full, so you are less likely to snack and allows calorie control to be easier to monitor.

Is Keto-Lite Right For You?

The keto-lite diet is a much more accessible diet that is easier to follow than most available. With the diet be a less drastic change for most, this allows you to make a more permanent change to this lifestyle rather than staying on it for a burst. This change in eating habits has made it a much more sustainable eating routine as it is more affordable to maintain.

As with any diet, please consult with your physician before undertaking any major lifestyle change; make sure this is the right choice for you. Head over to BalanceKG you’re looking for more nutritional tips, workout routines or meal recipes!

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