If you have a sweet tooth like my fiancé, chances are you find yourself craving cookies, muffins, and candy no matter what time of day it is. Having sweets once in a while is okay, but it can leave a lot of us feeling guilty. After a few failed attempts of making homemade protein-powder based confections, I decided to turn to the easier solution: Kodiak Cakes. They aren’t so sweet that they will leave you with a sour stomach, and they are so quick and easy to make that it isn’t any different from making other box-mix muffins — except, you know, the added bonus of protein.


Kodiak Cakes: Double Dark Chocolate Muffin Mix

I stopped by the local grocery store to pick up a box of Kodiak Cakes brand double dark chocolate muffin mix, and decided to grab a small bag of dark chocolate chips for an added bonus. Later that night I had a whole-grain, protein-packed double chocolate muffin that didn’t leave me feeling too guilty. This isn’t even a paid advertisement for the brand, I wanted to give them a try on my own to see if they were even worth trying, because lets be honest, there are few things quite as disappointing as waiting for chocolate muffins to come out of the oven just to realize that they actually suck.

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A box of Kodiak Cakes Double Chocolate Muffin Mix
A box of Kodiak Cakes Double Chocolate Muffin Mix | Kodiak Cakes


Because I keep eggs, milk (or a milk substitute), and canola oil on hand, the only cost I had was the muffin mix, chocolate chips, and muffin liners, which had me all in for around $6 — way less than you can buy pre-packaged protein confections for usually, and just as expensive as it would be for any other box muffins. The recipe allows substitutes for the egg and milk, so you can switch out for vanilla-flavored almond milk and get some added sweetness.


Almost as guilt-free as it gets

The mix makes a dozen muffins, and without the added chocolate chips they aren’t the most unhealthy treat you could snack on. According to the nutritional facts on the box, the serving size for the Kodiak Cakes muffins are two muffins — yes! TWO! There are still a lot of carbs per muffin so it isn’t exactly guilt-free, but it definitely won’t leave you feel as bad.


They might have to many carbs to make a responsible midnight snack, but they do make a post-gym treat or even an early morning breakfast. With this mix you can whip up a quick batch of protein-packed muffins that don’t taste gross like a lot of other protein snacks do, and still satisfy your sweet tooth.

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