There are obvious pros and cons when determining whether you should work out at home or a gym. We must consider things like price, availability, convenience. There are many more factors available, but for now, we will be focusing on these in determining which is better for you traditional gyms vs home gyms. 

For most people, it comes down to their determination to stick to an at-home workout routine. In the end, the best choice is going to be a gym membership. While at your local gym, you will work out harder and stick to the routine longer.

Price of Traditional Gyms vs Home Gyms

traditional gyms vs home gyms

Money is the motivation for many of our choices in determining which is better traditional gyms vs home gyms, and your choice of workout locations is no different. While the home gym requires no membership fees, there may be costs you haven’t thought of yet, such as exercise equipment you may need. Yoga mats, free weights, bands, videos and sometimes even digital trainers; all of these are going to cost a premium in this post-Covid atmosphere. Items of consideration:

  • Equipment
  • Digital/Online Trainers

Working out at a gym is going to cost you in two areas, the membership and gas. We aren’t going to include time as a factor since both locations will require investment. Gym memberships cost is going to vary based on the area and the included amenities. For example, a gym in my area offers memberships as low as $9.99 to use the workout equipment to $30 per month at other gyms but may include pool and sauna use, among other amenities. Items of consideration:

  • Gym membership
  • Cost of Gas
  • Availability

Home gyms have the advantage of availability not being an issue; it’s your place, so it’s always open. However, availability is also used to describe the space you can allocate for exercising. Everyone has the room to do simple routines like pushups, situps and squats, but vigorous activities will require more room than you can provide. Items of consideration:

  • Never closes
  • Space is an issue

Traditional gyms have various hours of operation, so they may not be open when you can work out. Some locations are available 24 hours a day and possibly in your area; check Google for what you have nearby. Item of consideration:

Hours of operation may vary and not be suitable

Convenience of Traditional Gyms vs Home Gyms

traditional gyms vs home gyms

Convenience may be one of the biggest hurdles for people when it comes to working out. “I don’t have time to work out” might be the most used excuse that I have heard and personally used. The issue comes down to a time management problem; everyone that genuinely wants to get in shape or at least healthier has an hour or two during the day. Instead of watching your shows at the end of the day or sleeping in more than you need to, go work out.

Home gyms are very convenient; walk into your living room or garage, and there you go. It doesn’t get more convenient than a home gym.

Traditional gyms are less convenient than a home gym; you have to travel further than your own home. Unless going to the gym is on your way to or from work, this is option may not be suitable from the standpoint of convenience.


As good as it is, home gyms are typically only used for a couple of months and then that treadmill or elliptical becomes a place to hang clothes. Without some form of motivation, the home gym is going to fail the majority of the time.

Traditional gyms will almost always win out for longevity in your routine, you’ve already driven to the gym, and if you turn back now, that will be a waste of time. People are all around you, and no one wants to look like they are weak, so squeezing out that last rep might be a little easier.

Whichever you choose, just stick with it! Everyone is rooting for you, including those of us at Balancekg.


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